How To Create A Survey Quickly In Google Forms And Microsoft Word

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How To Create A Survey Quickly In Google Forms And Microsoft Word

Learn how to create an easy survey in minutes using your favorite tool and tips to keep your surveys valuable and engaging.

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Watch the video till the end to not to miss any important step.
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Properly Create Surveys with Microsoft Forms & Export to Excel

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With Microsoft Forms you can collect data from different people with fillable forms you can control from Excel. With Microsoft Forms you can easily create surveys, quizzes and polls.
You can export the data to Excel to analyze and share the results with your audience. No programming is necessary, no VBA, no add-ons. Just a Microsoft 365 account (free or paid).

We’ll cover how you can use Microsoft forms to add dropdowns, multiple choice, calendar date selection, number checks, net promoter score, and even star ratings.

If you’d like to automatically connect the Excel Form results to your Microsoft Form, you need to use Excel Online. If you’d like to export the Microsoft Form results without an automatic connection, you can create your Form directly from Microsoft Forms. You have access to Microsoft Forms also with a free Microsoft 365 account.

If you’d like to collect data in Excel with a data entry form or a user form, think about using Microsoft Forms instead. It’s the better way of collecting data from different people as long as it’s not lots of data (for example for budget purposes). This works well for surveys, quizzes, polls and information on a smaller scale.

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00:00 How to Use Microsoft Forms
01:19 How to Get Started with Microsoft Forms
01:50 Automatic Connection between Excel and Microsoft Forms
02:58 Create Data Entry Form with Microsoft Forms
04:10 Star rating in Microsoft Forms
04:35 Choice in Microsoft Forms
05:08 How to add a drop-down to Microsoft Forms
06:10 Date picker with calendar pop-up
06:30 Add a text box and validate numbers
06:50 Add a Likert scale to Microsoft Forms
07:15 Net Promoter score in Microsoft Forms
07:50 How to Add a Theme to Microsoft Forms
08:09 How to Share a Data Entry Form with Microsoft Forms
09:24 How to Fill Out a Data Entry Form
10:34 Analyze the Responses from Microsoft Forms in Excel
13:39 Grid

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[TUTORIAL] Create a Printable SURVEY or QUESTIONAIRE in Microsoft WORD (easily!)

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— Are you needing to create a printable survey or questionnaire? Microsoft Word is a great tool for that! Watch this tutorial to learn exactly how to create one quickly and easily. —

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Creating a Survey in Microsoft Word

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00:45 How to Create a Survey in any Word Version?
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